Is it Time for Bathroom Remodeling in Your Kennesaw Home?

Bathroom Remodeling Kennesaw: Is it Time to Remodel?

Bathroom remodeling can be a major project to commit to. You may want to just put in a new mirror, or simply add shelving, and paint; this would be an easy job. However, if you want to knock down a wall to put in a Jacuzzi tub or add a dual shower head or walk in shower, you are talking about a bathroom remodeling project. A lot of people think they are stuck with what they get. This is not true; if you are up to the challenge, you can have an oasis bathroom spa in your own home.

Determine if Bathroom Remodeling is Necessary?

Do some research and look for a licensed bathroom remodeling company in your area. A seasoned bathroom remodeling contractor will be able to look at your existing bathroom and decide what can and cannot be done within a few minutes and be able to tell you the areas that will be the most challenging. To figure out if remodeling is the right decision for you, there are several areas you may want to consider first.

  • The plumbing and/or electric wiring is in need of repair
  • The layout of the bathroom is not functional for your family
  • The bathroom is not modern and needs an update
  • The bathroom is not aesthetically appealing
  • The existing bathroom is not large enough
  • The bathroom needs to be updated for the elderly or handicapped

Do You Have the Budget for a Bathroom Remodeling Job?

Decide if you have the funds to complete the project. Keep in mind that the budget will depend on the job. For instance, moving the toilet to a different area is a more costly job than adding a closet in a bathroom remodel. Do your research and be aware of price ranges.

Be Creative with Your New Bathroom

Get creative and find out what you want AND what you need.

  • Decide on colors
  • Walk in shower or tub-shower combo
  • One body sprayer or two
  • Tile or linoleum floors
  • Pick a few bathroom layouts
  • Look at magazines for inspiration
  • Where can you add storage space
  • Pick out new fixtures (lights, faucets, mirrors, etc.)

Interview Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

Interview contractors and get price estimates. A good contractor will give a free estimate. Ensure the contractors are insured and bonded. Before hiring the contractor, ask the following questions:

  • Ask for references and check them out
  • Ask for the contractor to review the layouts you have chosen and decide what will work in your space
  • Ask for a start date and finish date
  • Ask about the materials you will be required to provide
  • Ask for the final price
  • Ask about the payment schedule
  • Ask if there will be a time when your home will be without electrical power or water
  • Ask to have time to review the contract before signing

Prepare your home before the bathroom remodeling begins. You will want to make sure you have everything removed from the bathroom and work areas (this may include closets that are attached to the bathroom). Ensure that the work area will be closed off to children and pets.

There are a lot of decisions to be made before you decide to remodel your bathroom. Hailey’s Home Services, located in Kennesaw, Georgia, provides free estimates on bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and basement remodeling. They also provide other home services such as: flooring, painting, roofing, decks, landscapes, and doors/windows in the metropolitan Atlanta area. Contact Hailey’s Home Services today to get your free estimate.

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