Kennesaw Painting Contractor: Home Improvement Tips

Kennesaw Painting Contractor: Tips from a Painting Expert

Painting your home, whether interior or exterior, can certainly add value to your property. According to experienced realtors, a fresh paint job is often the most cost-effective home improvement project. Whether changing just a few rooms, the entire interior, or the exterior of the house, beginning the painting process and seeing it to completion, can be an arduous task.

One of the first steps in the painting process is to select the right type of paint. Different paint types exist depending on the application. Some key factors to consider when choosing paint are as follows:

Paint Color Scheme

Color scheme is a personal choice and it creates a special ambiance for the home that can say a lot about the home owner. To choose the right color scheme, always view color samples at home. Because the lighting at home is almost always different from the light quality in a paint store, samples may appear differently when seen inside the home.

Water Based or Solvent Based

Water Based paints are often referred to as latex. Historically speaking, water based paints have not been as durable as solvent-based or oil-based paints. But with recent advances in paint technology, there is currently little difference between the performances of the two. However, it should be understood that solvent-based paints are more hazardous than water based paints.


Paint is available in a number of finishes, ranging from flat to glossy. Glossy paints often last longer than flat paints, but they sometimes show flaws in the surface and in the painting technique more easily than flat paints. The high sheen of glossy paint is perfect for areas that must be cleaned often, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Keep in mind that the higher sheen paints must be suitable for cleaning or washing. The dull finish of a flat paint makes it appropriate for ceilings and walls in other living areas. Both can be cleaned and washed if you choose the appropriate quality paint.

Paint Quality

Home owners will always benefit from choosing a higher quality paint. Purchasing a cheaper paint requires an additional cost, i.e., more labor, to get the same results as higher quality paint. Since the cost of paint is usually much lower than the cost of labor, cheaper paint can often make a project cost more in the end.

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