North Georgia Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Simple Kitchen Remodeling Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

The key to successful kitchen remodeling is to create a space that is unique and distinctive. It is also very important that you not only focus on the beauty and aesthetics of your kitchen décor, but also focus on creating a kitchen that’s functional. Here are a few tips:

Make Your Kitchen Kid-Friendly

This is one aspect of kitchen remodeling many people forget. Make sure your kitchen is as kid-friendly as possible. Keep the cook-top away from high traffic areas where kids love to run, especially infants.

Also, if you’re remodeling an elderly parent’s home, you may want to design it in a way that it is more accessible to them. Think ‘mobility’ when remodeling for seniors. For example, you can install pull-out counters under the stove and microwave area. That way, the person doesn’t have to move to another section of the kitchen to prepare a hot meal.

Install a Pot Filler (Swing-Out Tap)

It can be frustrating filling up a large pot of water only to have to lug it over to the stovetop. Consider installing a swing-out tap. This will make it so much easier to heat up hot water. All you have to do is pull the swing-out and pour the water into your pot. Hopefully, your kitchen sink is only a couple of feet away from the stove. You can also have an extra-long sink hose attachment on your faucet.

Simplify Recycling

Recycling old newspapers, plastic bottles and other recyclable items is great, but it can cause a lot of clutter in your kitchen. One way to solve this problem is to designate special cabinets for your containers. For example, you can have one large drawer to store plastic bottles, like a kitchen trash drawer. You can also have a separate drawer to hold old newspapers until you’re ready to throw them out. This will help keep your kitchen clutter-free and it will make it easier to organize your recyclables.

Lastly, have a solid design plan before you begin your kitchen remodeling project. This plan should include everything from the design to the budget. Having a plan will ensure your project is successfully completed.  For more information on kitchen remodeling, contact an expert in your North Georgia area today.

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